Awarded with SW110 License by DOE to recycle 300 Metric Tons of E-Waste per month.


E-Waste Recycling App available for Android and iOS



Flexibility in choosing the method of exchange for the value of E-waste by cash or Precious Metals.


Telcov is focused on serving one sole purpose, to upcycle electronic waste because it is increasing rapidly with constant innovation and frequent change in the day-to-day tech used. We are enthusiastic about this solution because of the initiative’s positive impact that will be reflected in the conservation of our environment.

Importance of Electronic Waste Recycling

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    Growth of Technology has been phenomenal in the last few decades, keeping ourselves updated with latest technology is no more an option but a necessity.

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    Often, only changing the device would facilitate the software developer’s improvement updates intended. While this creates a market tension among industry players, it also creates more and more obsolete gadgets.

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    The 5G revolution will make upgrades a requirement for all industries based on their current operating systems leading to an increase in E-waste generated.

Core Values

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Safety, health and environmental focus



Following high standards of professionalism and business ethics.


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Be constantly updated with technological growth to understand the needs of clients and provide them with an excellent service.