Here at Telcov, we want to introduce the concept of upcycling electronic waste. The idea is simple, an electronic device that no longer serves its purpose can be converted into something more, precious, and valuable. We want to create a revenue stream for all who have access to electronic goods. Primarily to help create a safer environment for us to live in and mitigate the electronic waste that is dumped instead of realizing its true value.

Our organization is set to streamline the waste delivered to us and in exchange for the value, we offer cash or Precious Metals. As a starter, certified pure Silver grains will be available and eventually Telcov’s certified pure Gold bar (8 grams) will be added to the list of precious metals offered as a tradeoff based on the value of the E-waste rendered to us. Our aim is to create an opportunity for everyone to afford world class precious metal bullions by simply recycling. In the words of Patrick Geddes “Think Global, Act local”.

The opportunity is endless as the world today becomes increasingly reliant on technology. Its our civic duty to ensure that disposal of these items is done correctly to negate the effects of pollution and improve our livelihood. Owning this vision for ourselves will make this possible.

Vimalan Arumugham

Founder and CEO of Telcov Sdn Bhd

Vimalan Arumugham

Founder and CEO of Telcov Sdn Bhd

We look forward for your support to make our vision a reality

How ?
Equity Crowdfunding to setup an Authorized E-Waste Recycling & Refurbishing Facility.

Why ?

This method of upcycling electronic waste creates a lucrative revenue stream for all, individuals, and business entities alike. The exchange of cash or precious metal provides convenient liquidity and preservation against inflation.

Our investors will be awarded with Telcov’s Limited Edition Certified Pure Silver Coin if we are able to reach our Crowdfund target.


Safety, health and environmental focus  

Following high standards of professionalism and business ethics.

Be constantly updated with technological growth to understand the needs of clients and provide them with an excellent service.

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