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At present there are many recycling facilities operating without meeting the regulatory guidelines and this poses a huge threat to the us and our ecosystem. We are a DOE Licensed state of the art facility that is in accordance with international standards. This effectively reduces e-waste and pollution.

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At present, there isn’t a clear record keeping process by the entity that finally disposes or refurbishes the E-Waste. The solution, providing tracking codes for all items received which would be linked to a Disposal Report which will be furnished to the customers. The tracking code would be provided on collection of the waste.


Expansion & Upgrading the Factory

Setting up an E-waste recycling factory requires a large start up investment to meet the requirement of Govt Authorities as well as constant upgrade in recycling technology. Most of the funding for our expansion are from equity crowdfunding and government grants .

Telcov have investors from 14 countries for our first round of Equity Crowdfunding in 2022.


Raw Materials

Future of technology relies on raw materials available in E-waste that is yet to be tapped on. A good example is Silver, an important metal to produce Solar Panels for Renewable Energy. The method we are proposing is beneficial in tapping into the unused resources and does not leave a detrimental effect on our environment.


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Sustainable Upcycling of E-waste to recover raw materials for the production and innovation of new technology.


Tracking code to enable customers access information about the recycling process of their E-waste.


Flexibility in choosing the method of exchange for the value of E-waste by cash or Precious Metals.


Pollution free recycling method using state of the art equipment and expertise.


A return on E-waste that can generate a revenue stream for businesses and households.


Refurbishing devices that can be reused for Education, Telecommunication and Medical.

Importance of Electronic Waste Recycling

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    Growth of Technology has been phenomenal in the last few decades, keeping ourselves updated with latest technology is no more an option but a necessity.

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    Often, only changing the device would facilitate the software developer’s improvement updates intended. While this creates a market tension among industry players, it also creates more and more obsolete gadgets.

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    The 5G revolution will make upgrades a requirement for all industries based on their current operating systems leading to an increase in E-waste generated.

Health & Wealth

We want to accomplish our business objectives without compromising on the environmental & safety expectations of our employees, customers, and regulators. In addition to that, providing revenue and creating a healthier environment for all.

Job Opportunity

We are looking at a niche market because of the increasing demand for experts in this area of work which is unpopular. But E-waste management will pick up steam, thus the career opportunities are booming. There is a need for experts in the various divisions of refurbishment, data protection, asset management and metallurgical related efforts. At Telcov, we are looking to create a dynamic team of eager individuals who are ready to be upskilled for the job at hand.